Our FRC Robots


"Focused Excellence"

"Focused Excellence" - Our 2019 FRC Robot, featuring bi-directional scoring, a four-bar climber, and our best design to date, got us through quarters, semis, and onwards to champs.

"Intelligent Design"

"Intelligent Design" - Our 2018 robot, made with a virtual four bar intake, got us to quarter and semi-finals as alliance captains.


Marvin - Our 2017 robot, made with laser-cut baltic birch and aluminum. With capabilites for all aspects of the game, this incredible box on wheels is ready to go!


Puppy - Our 2016 'bot with 6 custom wheels, all wood chassis, and a design that gets to champs.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow - Our 2015 machine with a custom laser-cut drivetrain, all wood design and our 2nd championship robot.

Great Expectations

Great Expectations - Our new outreach robot, receiving new surgical tubing. Geared for 9 f/s this black beast is ready to show what we can do!