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Our FRC Robots


"MCR" - Our 2023 FRC Robot featured an ambitious, double-jointed arm with flexibility to pick up and score at any position. The "roll-y gripper" gave us added speed and strength in intaking, and this mechanism, coupled with our improved swerve drive, brought us large improvements in our cycle times!



"Appa" - Our 2022 FRC Robot was our first venture into swerve drive. With a four bar intake and quick ball management system, the robot was great at close-up shots. Our proudest feature was the pneumatic climber that was quickly able to traverse Rapid React's rungs!



"Shawty" - Our 2020 FRC Robot, utilizing smooth turret capability and dynamic hood movement, and a wide intake for more balls. This robot has the capabilities for every aspect of the Infinite Recharge game, with a shooter capable of scoring balls in the inner ports, color wheel spinner, and climber!

Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 6.24.57 PM.png

"Focused Excellence"

"Focused Excellence" - Our 2019 FRC Robot, featuring bi-directional scoring, a four-bar climber, and our best design to date, got us through quarters, semis, and onwards to champs.

"Intelligent Design"

"Intelligent Design" - Our 2018 robot, made with a virtual four bar intake, got us to quarter and semi-finals as alliance captains.


Puppy - Our 2016 'bot with 6 custom wheels, all wood chassis, and a design that gets to champs.

"Great Expectations"

Great Expectations - Our 2014  robot, receiving new surgical tubing. Geared for 9 f/s this black beast is ready to show what we can do!


Marvin - Our 2017 robot, made with laser-cut baltic birch and aluminum. With capabilites for all aspects of the game, this incredible box on wheels is ready to go!

"Stack Overflow"

Stack Overflow - Our 2015 machine with a custom laser-cut drivetrain, all wood design and our 2nd championship robot.

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