Mr. Slurpy uses rollers to slurp game pieces up into his hopper, or roll them back out into a goal. He uses 2 small VEX motors (2-Wire Motor 269) to spin his wheels in both directions to either suck up or drop off his game pieces.

Mr. Slurpy can hold up to three game pieces, using his lexan hopper.

The program on Mr. Slurpy allowed the arm to stop at each of three goal heights, along with other clever stuff.

Here is a video of our first match. Mr. Slurpy worked marvelously well, but we lost points throughout the day due to human error and incomplete grasp of the rules.

Mr. Slurpy scoring.


Front view of Mr. Slurpy

Mr. Slurpy with Frederick Pang, aka “The Robot Whisperer”

Cal programming Mr. Slurpy

James and the other pit crew members keep Mr. Slurpy working well.

Mr. Slurpy with the Bit Buckets on the day of the VEX tournament

We won second place at the Southern AZ Vex Robotics Competition!

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