Mandy is our Vex robot for the 2013-2014 game Toss Up. You can also click here to find more about Vex.

Controllers: Alex Utzinger as operator, Nathan Rix as driver and Linus Forbes as coach.

Manipulator: Mandy uses a conveyer belt system to pick up and hold “buckyball” game pieces, which it can then score in the high goal because it has a arm that uses a linear slide to change the angle of the arm. Mandy has two smalls arms that can slide in and out of the robot to allow it to pick up the larger inflated balls.

Drive train: Mandy has a direct drive train with standard Vex wheels in the bask and Omni wheels in the front so it can turn better.  You can find more on Omni wheels here.

Performance: Mandy was seeded 12th at the Southern Arizona Vex Robotics competition, where she was the first pick of the 4th seed alliance, but ultimately suffered the same fate as her sister and losing to the winning alliance.



Grant, Alex, and Allen building the drive base.


Mandy prototype


Half built Mandy