Lola posing with a big ball.

Lola is one of our two robots for the 2013-2014 Vex Robotics Competition game Toss Up. You can also click here to find more about Vex.

Manipulator: Lola is equipped with a arm that is fully capable of picking up and moving the large inflatable ball along with also being able to herd the smaller game pieces known as “buckyballs”. The manipulator is in the shape of a giant letter “c”, made out of metal powered by two motors on the arm. The manipulator can turn 180 degrees, allowing Lola to get up after she has fallen over. Unfortunately, because of the arm’s large size can’t fit within the required 12″x12″x12″ space unless she starts the game upside down, but this arm allows Lola to turn herself over even after a fall.

Drive train: Lola’s drive train is direct drive with standard VEX motors. She has Omni wheels for increased maneuverability. You can find out more about Omni wheels here.

Competitions: Lola made it to the quarterfinals at the Southern Arizona Vex Robotics Competition, where we lost to the winning alliance. Benjamin Utzinger was the driver/operator and Britney served as coach.



Lola half built.


Allen posing with Lola!