Vex Pro Drive in a Day
6x 4″ Vex Pro Traction Wheels
4 CIMs in Vex Pro Ball Shifters
Geared for about 15 and 7 ft/s
Can easily push almost any robot in low gear
Robot is below 30″ tall

Disc acquisition, storage:

Shooter tilts down for floor intake
Stores 4 discs in bucket hopper


Linear shooter
2x 8″ AndyMark pneumatic wheels directly driven by CIM and miniCIM
Pneumatic cylinder pops discs out of bucket into shooter
Fires at least 1.5 discs per second
Adjustable angle and wheel speed
Can shoot much farther than full court


10 Point Hang
2 pneumatic cylinders lift robot and retract to let us go under the pyramid

Control System:

254-inspired “Cheesy Drive” with custom pistol-grip RC controller
Gyro for driving straight, encoders for speed measurement
Shooter angle controlled by PID controller with input from potentiometer
Shooter speed controlled by bang-bang controller with input from optical encoders
3+ disc autonomous


2013 Arizona Regional: 8-7-0.  Semifinalist.  Judge’s Award for “design process and prototyping”

2013 Las Vegas Regional: 7-6-0.  Quarterfinalist.  12th seed.

2013 Tucson Tussle: Semifinalist.  2nd seed.