Some design specs:

Drive train/ chassis: Wide 6WD KOP drivetrain. 2x 3 CIM single speed gearboxes, geared for ~9 actual feet per second using KOP wheels. 1″ 1/16″-wall square aluminum tubing frame with laser-cut plywood and aluminum gussets. Frame hinges up using quick-release pins for easy access to electronics Laser-cut 3/8″ plywood belly pan. Very low center of mass. Rear superstructure allows for catching.


Intake: Pneumatically deployed horizontal roller intake. Constructed from 1″ 1/8″-wall square aluminum tubing with aluminum gussets. Main roller is ABS pipe, chain driven by a BaneBots RS550 in a VersaPlanetary. Side rollers are BaneBots wheels, direct driven by BAG motors in VersaPlanetaries. Can pick up a ball from any angle in <1 second. Can outtake ball into low goal or another robot.

Catapult: Surgical tubing power allows for easy tuning. 2 MiniCIMS in modified Ball Shifter pull back catapult in ~0.7 seconds. Catapult is fired by shifting Ball Shifter to neutral and pneumatically releasing custom spring-loaded latch. Can consistently score in the high goal from ~8′ to ~20′ Intake can be used to deflect shot downward for long floor pass.

Other: Identical practice robot! Consistent one and two ball autonomous modes. Custom OI with modified pistol-grip R/C car controller All metal is black anodized, wood is painted green.