Our 2017 robot for FRC Steamworks, Marvin.


Marvin has a single gear autonomous that uses vision to drive and then realign the robot to ensure a 100 present success rate on our autonomous scoring abilities. Our robot can start from any position on the field – however if we are placed near the boiler after we score the gear our robot can turn around and once again in autonomous fire in order to gain the extra few points required to break the ties of high points that occur at high levels of game play. To see a video of Marvin’s autonomous in action click here.

Gear Capabilities

Marvin has an active gear system as well as a active gear intake. Marvin possesses a roller made from a magic found from a communal pile of materials at the maker space we work at. This allows us to possess a reliable intake to ensure a quick gear cycle. For placing the gear, Marvin has an outward rotating holder that allows us to move the gear to the base of the spring in order to ensure that it doesn’t fall off. This, alongside a on board camera, allows us to consistently and quickly score gears.


Our climber has changed since our first regional where Marvin’s climber was a standard velcro climber which utilized a pneumatic piston as a safety to release it out of the robot. However there were a few problems with this because it was small and we had to spend a few seconds aligning the robot before we climbed. To fix this problem, we are moving the climber to the top of the robot.


Marvin’s shooter allows for up to three balls to be shot at once with about a fifty percent accuracy rate. This lack of accuracy, however, is balanced out by the fact that the walls of Marvin can expand to store more than 50 balls.

Building Materials

As per recent tradition, Marvin is a combination of metal and lasercut wood. This allows the frame of Marvin to possess a very strong frame while still allowing us to have a moderately strong yet easily replaceable and easy to work with core made of wood. Because it is so light the team possesses spare parts for whole subsections of Marvin.


We will be competing at the Arizona North Regional as well as the Denver Regional.