Letting off some Steam!

We at Bit Buckets believe that it’s important to teach not only programming and design, but also the value of getting outside and enjoying each others’ company.
We even had a snowball fight! Here in Tucson, snow is a “once in a lifetime” event that we always take advantage of.
One of our mentors, Mike Kessel, is here with his Victorian wardrobe to fit the theme of the occasion.
When traveling with a group of teenagers for 3 days, it’s easy to get sidetracked along the way.
At the Southern Arizona Regional, we even placed googly eyes on a mentor from Bionic Bulldogs Team 60.






Arizona North Regional

At our first regional our robot Marvin achieved the ability to score both gears and balls during autonomous using computer vision, plus effective gear cycling and successful climbing. Marvin had a great first day, winning most of its matches and as such the team walked back to our hotel hopeful and expecting a lot out of the next day.

We had not realized, however, that we had managed to shred the belt of our climber. We did not realize this until it was too late and due to the hardship associated with finding the correct belt, we were unable to climb for much of day two. This led to us losing our first few matches, as climbing is worth a substantial amount of points – dropping our rank from top 8 to the later teens.

Fortunately Team 6413 Degrees of Freedom from Chandler, AZ, decided to take in Marvin due to our ability to score balls and gears in autonomous as well as our impressive defensive capabilities. However, both of our alliance partners had parts of their┬árobots break almost as soon as the match began, leaving Marvin the only robot left alive on the field. Although Marvin was outnumbered three to one we still put up a honorable fight and although we lost, we felt satisfaction from Marvin’s performance.